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A&S Power will no longer cooperate with Pastiche India

Jul. 21, 2020

A&S Power cooperated with Pastiche since 2015, as three factories focus different kind of lithium battery, we had a good cooperation before. In the beginning, they need some lipo battery to India market, so we always sold them lipo cells and lipo pack also assembled with 2 cells in series and parallel. Later, the Indian government request all goods imported to India, need BIS certificate. Pastiche as a small company only have 2 staffs that time, hoped us A&S Power to afford BIS fee so that to get win win, A&S Power afford a half and move on the Cert and as the as LiFePO4 battery cell and the brand is Pastiche (We didn’t know that time brand not A&S Power can not export goods and they didn’t let us know) we give an account period to Pastiche 30days, but they always put off more than 60 days.

For the future cooperation, Pastiche bought li-ion cells and LiFePO4 Cells from other suppliers with our BIS, and then cells caught failure and they asked A&S Power to returned payment to them. We tested all the cells before shipment and we couldn’t believed the report they sent us, so we secretly went to their factory in India and directly checked cells truly not purchased from us A&S Power and we took many photos to approve it.

We A&S Power stated here now, A&S Power will never cooperated with Pastiche and officially rescind exclusive distributor authorization  of Pastiche energy in India due to the following reasons,

1. PASTICHE keeps buying low grade cells from unknown companies and sell with A&S Power BIS No without approval of A&S Power. (We have got proven pictures and videos of PASTICHE Prod line assembling low quality unknown brand name cell and pack with A&S BIS No.) .

2. PASTICHE takes money from the domestic companies and do not delivery goods to them, and ask the domestic companies come to claim with A&S Power.

3. Unprofessional handling the production line of assembly in Panchkula workshop of  PASTICHE. Many damage happened after wrong handle of PASTICHE assembly with good cells from A&S Power.

A&S Power Techonology Co., Ltd.

31st, Sept., 2019

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