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What Are The Benefits Of Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Mar. 09, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion battery technology is the most popular technology in the battery field. Today, they are common power sources for several everyday products, such as laptops, cell phones, power tools, and even cars. With technological developments focusing on speed, big data, and mobility, the importance of reliable portable power supplies is steadily rising.

Their advantages can be divided into five categories: easy maintenance, long life, fast charging speed, safety, and convenient charging.

5 Advantages of Lithium Ion Battery

As mentioned earlier, we divide the advantages of lithium batteries into five major categories:

Maintenance: Unlike lead-acid batteries that need to monitor the water level, lithium-ion batteries do not require watering. This reduces the maintenance required to keep the battery running, and also eliminates the process of training new team members and monitoring the machine to ensure the water level is correct. Lithium-ion batteries also save the trouble of engine maintenance.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of a large-capacity battery pack lithium-ion battery can reach more than 8 years. Long-term service life helps provide a return on your investment in lithium-ion battery technology.

Easy and fast charging: The use of fast-charging lithium-ion batteries can reduce the machine's downtime at the charging station. Of course, in busy equipment, the less time the machine is idle, the better. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can also have the opportunity to recharge, thereby reducing machine downtime. This means that the cleaning program does not have to be designed around the need to fully charge the battery between uses, and it also simplifies the training of team members.

Safety facilities: Eliminate exposure to flammable fuel and battery acid through lithium ion technology, improve indoor air quality, and reduce accident risks. You can also enjoy quiet operation with a low dBa sound level.

Environmental impact: Compared with other fossil fuel alternatives, lithium-ion batteries have significant environmental benefits. With the steady growth of electric vehicles, we see the direct impact of reducing carbon emissions. Minimizing your gas cleaning machines will not only benefit your long-term costs, but also help your business to be more sustainable.

Other precautions and guidelines

When considering the comparison of lithium-ion batteries with other batteries, there are several factors to consider. Things like how to manage your cell storage are important. Price is also a factor when considering investing in lithium-ion batteries for equipment. Although lithium-ion batteries are usually expensive, the lifetime value (LTV) of the product may exceed the cost.

Saving time, simplifying training, and extending battery life are the main reasons for more and more equipment investing in lithium-ion batteries. Switching to lithium-ion batteries is much easier than you think, and your business should be evaluated regularly. When checking your cleaning equipment list, consider how these benefits might be useful in your operation.

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