• 12V 100Ah RV Marine Golf Car Battery

  • 12V 100Ah RV Marine Golf Car Battery

  • 12V 100Ah RV Marine Golf Car Battery

  • 12V 100Ah RV Marine Golf Car Battery

12V 100Ah RV Marine Golf Car Battery

Hot sell Rechargeble battery LiFePO4 Battery 12V 100Ah RV Marine Golf Cart Battery

Product Description

Product Description


Discharge: 10A

cut-off voltage: 10.0V

3.2, Nominal Voltage12.8V
3.3, AC Impedance Resistance≤45mΩ
3.4, Discharge Cut-off Voltage10.0V
3.5, Charge Voltage14.6V
3.6, Standard charge current10A
3.7, Max.charge current100A
3.8, Max. discharge current300A
3.9, WeightAbout 4.5 kg±500g
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a) CE

b) IEC 62133

c) UN 38.3

Product List

                                                                                 Normal Type
Model Type

Size(: mm/inch) (L*W*H)

Min Cap.(Ah)

Nominal Vol (:V)

End Volt of Discharge (:V)

Max Vol after charge (:V)

Weight                (:g/lb)
 Max continuous charging current(:A) Max continuous discharge current(:A) Cycle Life
112V 7Ah12V 7Ah case712.80 10.00 ≥13.21000/2.27A7A3000
212V 9Ah12V 7Ah case912.80 10.00 ≥13.21300/2.869A9A3000
312V 10.5Ah12V 7Ah case10.512.80 10.00 ≥13.21300/2.8610.5A10.5A3000
412V 12Ah12V 7Ah case1212.80 10.00 ≥13.21600/3.5212A12A3000
512V 10Ah12V 10Ah case9.512.80 10.00 ≥13.21300/2.8610A10A3000
612V 20Ah12V 20Ah case2012.80 10.00 ≥13.23300/7.2620A20A3000
712V 40Ah12V 40Ahcase4012.80 10.00 ≥13.25000/1140A40A3000
812V 55Ah12V 55Ahcase6012.80 10.00 ≥13.28000/17.660A60A3000
912V 100Ah12V 100Ah case10012.80 10.00 ≥13.211400/25.08100A150A3000
1012V 120Ah12V 100Ahcase12012.80 10.00 ≥13.211400/25.08120A150A3000

Battery Application

1. Solar streer Light

2. Solar home lighting system

3. wind power system

4. RV Car

5. Marine

6. Storage battery

7. Electrical Vehicle

8. UPS

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