Canton Fair (134th Session)

NEWS | A&S POWER | Sep 28, 2023


There are 20 days left until the opening of the 134th Canton Fair


The?134th?Canton?Fair?is scheduled to be?opened on October?15th, 2023.

The onsite exhibition:


Phase 1: October 15th to 19th


Phase 2: October 23rd to 27th


Phase 3: October 31st to November 4th


* The online exhibition: the online platform service time will be extended for a period of about 6 months (from September 16th, 2023 to March 15th, 2024 ).


Phase?1:?Consumer Electronics and Information Products,?Household electrical appliances,?Lighting Equipment,?General Machinery and Mechanical Basic Parts,?Power Machinery and Electric Power,?Processing Machinery Equipment,?Construction Machinery,?Agricultural Machinery,?Electronic and electrical products,?Hardware,?Tools.

Phase?2:?General ceramics,?Household items,?Kitchenware & tableware,?Weaving, rattan and iron products,?Gardening products,?Home decorations,?Festival products,?Gifts and premiums,?Glass artware,?Art ceramics,?Clocks, watches & optical instruments,?Building and decorative materials,?Sanitary and bathroom equipment,?Furniture.


Phase 3:?Home textiles,?Textile raw materials & fabrics,?Carpets & tapestries,?Furs, leather, downs & related products,?Fashion accessories and fittings,?Men and women's clothing,?Underwear,?Sports and casual wear,?Food,?Sports, travel and recreation products,?Cases and bags,?Medicines ,Health Products and Medical Devices,?Pet Products & Food,?Toiletries,?Personal care products,?Office supplies,?Toys,?Kids' wear,?Maternity, Baby and Children Products.