Why Lithium iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries

LiFePO4 contain almost no toxic or hazardous materials and are not usually considered to be hazardous waste.

LiFePO4 are a safe technology that will not catch fire or explode with overcharging, nor produce flammable gases under any circumstances.

LiFePO4 weigh one third to one quarter of the weight of a lead-acid battery of equivalent power.

LiFePO4 can deliver max 6000 deep discharge cycles, compared to around 300 to 800 for ten-year design-life VRLA, or 1500 cycles to 50% depth of discharge for 20 year design-life VRLA.

LiFePO4 can produce double the usable capacity of similarly rated lead-acid batteries. In higher discharge-rate applications.

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