The price is 998,800 yuan! 500 kilometers of battery life ! Venucia’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger car officially released

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The price is 998,800 yuan! 500 kilometers of battery life ! Venucia’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger car officially released

Hydrogen Energy Observation2023-11-04 15:10Published in Jilin


Registration for the 2023 Hydrogen Energy Carnival and China Hydrogen Energy 100 Forum Annual Meeting is now open! Time: December 12-14 Location: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province Contact: Liu Meng 13756043953 Source: Dongfeng Nissan Venucia

On November 3, Venucia brand refresh and autumn new product launch were successfully held in Guangzhou. Venucia has fully entered the new energy track, refreshed its brand logo, launched three major technology brands, and brought two new new energy products - the pure electric model Venucia VX6 and the hydrogen energy model Venucia Big V Hydrogen Realm. Venucia's first hydrogen fuel cell model - Venucia Big V Hydrogen Realm, with its three major technical strengths of "ultimate environmental protection", "super energy saving" and "extreme safety", fully meets the needs of customers for multi-scenario vehicles and brings users A new travel experience that is worry-free and enjoyable.

Venucia Big V Hydrogen Realm is also officially launched, priced at 998,800 yuan. After listing, it will be the first to launch commercial demonstration operations in Huadu District, Guangzhou, and will gradually open to private users in the future to help more users start a green travel life.


Venucia Big V Hydrogen Environment uses all-green energy power - hydrogen energy, truly achieving zero emissions. It only takes 5 minutes to refill hydrogen, and there is almost no waiting for recharging. It adopts hydrogen and electric dual drive, and the cruising range of full hydrogen and full battery can reach 500km. , achieving "ultimate environmental protection". In terms of the control system, Venucia Grand V Hydrogen Realm is equipped with a hydrogen-electric hybrid intelligent control system, which can achieve smooth switching between multiple working conditions and maintain low energy consumption in all road conditions. It can run 120km per kilogram of hydrogen, achieving "super energy saving". In terms of safety protection, this car has three-levelsafety protection of "car-system-battery stack". The collision hydrogen safety protection reaches 70MPa, and has passed the -40-60℃ extreme environment verification, achieving "ultimate safety". 

In recent years, the wave of intelligence and electrification has surged, and China has become the world's most active market for new energy and the most mature supporting industrial chain. At the end of 2022, Venucia will start a new journey of ALL in new energy in the name of happiness. In less than a year, Venucia's three technology paths, plug-in hybrid, pure electric, and hydrogen energy, have rapidly made efforts in new product launches and advanced hand in hand, bringing Venucia Big V DD-i plug-in hybrid, Venucia VX6 pure electric, Venucia Big V and Hydrogen Realm are three blockbuster models that quickly fulfill their promises and deliver Venucia’s market answer in the new energy era.


At this press conference, Venucia entered the new energy track with an independent new energy brand positioning and comprehensively reconstructed its brand image and product value system. Gao Guolin said at the press conference, "Vucen brand is for mainstream family customers. , never one-sidedly pursue the blockbuster of individual indicators, and do not relax, compromise or improvise in all aspects such as product intelligence, quality reliability, pleasant experience, safety of use, etc., to give consumers a comprehensive and unique Car buying choice. Inheriting Venucia ’ s excellent genes of quality, safety and service, in the context of the new era, it injects intelligence, inductance and trend elements to meet the new needsof users, create products that are safe to drive and comfortable to use, and become a popular choice for the majority of customers. An all-around happy choice for consumers.” 

At present, the development of the domestic hydrogen energy industry is in the initial exploration stage of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, technological innovation and collaborative advancement. The effect of collaborative linkage between the upstream and downstream of the hydrogen energy industry chain has not yet been fully revealed. When will the cost of fuel cell vehicles drop? When can the core technical problems of hydrogen energy be overcome? Questions such as when hydrogen energy applications can really come to fruition are gradually emerging... Based on the current industrial development situation, Hydrogen Energy Observation held the "2023 Hydrogen Energy Carnival and China Hydrogen Energy 100 People Forum Annual Meeting" . Focusing on the application of hydrogen energy in chemical industry, steel, transportation and other fields, experts and scholars in the industry and representatives of leading hydrogen energy companies are invited to discuss the way forward for the initial development of my country's hydrogen energy industry.

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